CREATE can offer you or your organisation a number of arts related services from advice on how to apply for arts funding to producing a whole arts festival. Here are some of the services Create can offer.

Project Development and Support

Create has produced a range of artistic events ranging from North Yorkshire Open Studios, Peace Home Park Festival, Scarborough Festival of Light to Coastival. Sometimes we instigate projects like these and other times we will support other agencies or organisations in developing or producing their own events. We also collaborate with artists to produce a wide range of events and exhibitions.


Create occasionally commissions work from artists or helps other organisations to commission work. We try to use local artists where possible but have commissioned work from artists from all over the country.

Consultancy Services

Create has a wide range of experience in measuring the economic impact of arts related activities, strategy development and business plan development. Our clients include North Yorkshire Culture, Scarborough Borough Council, Arts Council England and the Scarborough Literature Festival.

Community and Participatory Art

Create usually delivers two or three community art projects annually. Sometimes we will do this at the request of community organisations or sometimes we will help artists to instigate a community project of their own. You can find examples of our community work here.

Advice and Information

We can offer a range of advice and information to members of the public or to artists and arts organisations. If we feel that we cannot offer you the appropriate advice or support we will be able to refer you to an agency or organisation that can. In the past we have offered advice to the Scarborough Literature Festival, the Valley Theatre Group, Whitby Musicport, Crescent Arts and many others. If you need some advice or information please feel free to contact us.

Policy Development

A large part of Create's work involves trying to make it easier for artists and arts organisations to operate in the Borough of Scarborough. We do this by trying to influence local government policy. We have been instrumental in raising the profile of the arts and creative industries in the Borough of Scarborough through our work with Urban Renaissance and through our support of the Scarborough Arts and Culture Forum.