Yates, David (see also entry for Jehan)

Visual Arts.

David has almost 20 years experience of co-ordinating and delivering over 300 arts projects with a wide range of organisations including Galleries, Arts Organisations, Universities, Festivals and Schools.

He is currently working with traditional medium-format photography to create beautiful multi-exposed artworks.

His work is created inside an analogue camera by the technique of multiple-exposure. There is no 'photoshopping' of the images other than the removal of distracting specs or hair. No filtering, saturation of colour or fiddling with contrast.

He is depicting life, movement, memory, transience, and the sequence of things as I move. The images are made up of several photographs taken at different moments and from different positions.

He has recently established the contemporary northern photographers group 'Click the North' www.clickthenorth.org

To see more work or for further information visit www.davidyates.org



  • Scarborough


  • Telephone: 01723 368373
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.