Wilkinson, Bridget

Visual Artist - Driftwood, Watercolour & Ink.

Bridget Wilkinson is an artist based in the small fishing town of Whitby on the North East Coast of England. Bridget specialises Driftwood sculpting and also watercolour and ink painting.

Bridget has been working with driftwood for over 4 years and creates functional and sometimes fun pieces. Each piece is unique and is inspired and often led by the shape, colour and texture of the driftwood. Living within a short walk from the beach provides her with a wealth of materials to recycle. Each piece is a testament to the beauty of nature. Bridget varies her work and is currently working on clocks and sculptural pieces such as fish. When she’s not working with driftwood she likes to paint and takes her inspiration from the beaches, rock pools and sea life not far from her doorstep “Being surrounded by such varied and stunning landscapes and my love for the beaches and beachcombing has inspired and also provided me with the ideas and materials to produce many of my pieces”.


  • Whitby


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