Tate, Wendy

Visual Artist.

Art making is about a dimension of reality, occasionally glimpsed and not always fully realised, but which conveys to the artist that deep sense of oneness. A oneness that can feel remote in an era in which philosophers tell us that reality is subjective and we are left to create our own. Despite the possibilities of anarchy within this framework we discover our individual realities overlap and we take comfort in finding that we are not alone.

I began solely with the figure because it is a part of reality known most intimately by us and yet it remains paradoxical, elusive and contradictory. We see in the body of others our own reflection. My work is concerned with evoking memories and feelings that are like discovering a secret which when found remains untranslatable yet touches a note that we share; an evocation that may be interpreted differently by each viewer yet resounds a unifying note. Although the nudes depict a certain vulnerability and sensuality, I retain power through being both model and author of the effect as I explore notions of emotion and identity, (obviously excluding the male nude who is my husband and a celebration of the ‘female gaze’).

My photographs are a further investigation into the elusive feeling that I have been searching for in my nudes. A coming to terms with a certain sensitivity. The contradiction that is life, beauty within sadness and brokenness; the hope that does not disappoint us; a prayer from the heart.

My painting methods vary depending upon the feeling the chosen image evokes in me, ranging from and including encaustic, impasto, layering tissue paper, glazes, scumblings and drips. The resulting image is often fragmented and disrupted sufficiently to encourage further engagement in which readings of the image that are not so predetermined and obvious can occur.


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