Morris, Tony

Storyteller in Words and Music, Poetry and Song.

TONY MORRIS is a member of both Equity and the Musician's Union and thus has Public Liability Insurance. He is CRB certificated.

TONY MORRIS is a Storyteller. He tells his stories in words and music, poetry and song. His stories tell of his life’s experience and that of others, ordinary people who have done things that others would now think were extraordinary. He is a communicator and purveyor of information, a ‘Networker’ in modern parlance. Although he has been a Poet in Residence at the Theatre Royal, York and at BBC Radio York and has had five books of poetry published his art is firmly rooted in the oral and aural tradition. He encourages others to tell him stories. He is a listener. His music is rooted in the improvised music of ancient folk cultures. His playing of his collection of Amerynd Flutes has healing and calming properties and he is interested in using musical improvisation as a healing medium. He has worked as a performer and workshop leader in various venues from Primary Schools to Pub and Folk Clubs to museums where he has demonstrated his collection of wooden instruments. All this has lead to his being referred to as a ‘Bard’ by friends from within the Celtic Tradition who understand the diverse role of the Bard in Ancient British Culture and indeed it has been said that he is perhaps only one of ten practising the full range of ancient bardic arts in modern Britain. This was first remarked on when he was involved in a project teaching English as a foreign language to a group of students of various nationalities.


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