Howitt, Adele

Design, Ceramics, Glass.

Adele Howitt uses traditional materials and techniques that combine new technologies and industrial techniques for the majority of the public artworks – ceramic sculpture / tiles, slip casting, photographic ceramic transfer, print transfer to architectural materials, and glass production.

Memory, science, relevance of pattern and natural decoration found in landscapes are the conceptual areas that continue to inspire, and develop into various forms and public realm projects.

In the studio, Adele creates smaller hand-made beautiful ceramic one-off pieces to exhibit and sell across the UK and Europe. “My studio practice combines a central focus on the hand-made with a small role ascribed to industrial production techniques, e.g. decal prints as a method of recording and revealing the inherent narrative elements.”

Works can be bought directly from Adele Howitt at Studio Eleven, in Hull’s Fruit Market.


Crystallised - Ceramic sculpture - 50cm diameter - (photograph: Helen Watson)

Heliozoa - Ceramic sculpture - (photograph: Helen Watson)

Reflections - 3m x 1.5m - Ceramic tiled sculpture with crystalline glazes (photograph: Martin Bignell)

Reflections - Ceramic tiled sculpture with crystalline glazes - in situ at Queen’s Oncology and Haematology Centre reception at Castle Hill Hospital (photograph: Martin Bignell)


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