Evans, Kate BSc MA

Quality writing: copy for leaflets, websites, annual reports; poetry; prose fiction.

Quality writing - copy for leaflets, websites and annual reports; feature articles; poetry; prose fiction - tailored to individual requirements. Creative writing and creative writing for health workshops facilitated for groups in the community and in professional or mental health settings.

Counselling for the Creative Sector

I am a writer as well as a trainee counsellor, so I know that trying to make a living in the creative sector can be demanding and tough as well as deeply satisfying. Creativity can help us to process difficult experiences and emotions, but it can also drag us into a murky inward world of loss and regret. We are often alone in facing both the realities of when art meets the commercial world as well as the inner turmoil that our creativity may uncover.

I am offering affordable counselling services to people in the creative sector. On a short or long term basis we can seek a way through issues raised by rejections of our work, anxiety, disappointment, isolation, aloneness, bereavement and relationships.

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