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Photographic Gallery

Graham Rhodes has been manipulating images all his working life.

As a book and record sleeve designer creating images for such clients as Octopus Books and The Police (the band not the force!), then an audio-visual designer, video director and conference producer. In his time he launched Monster Munch, new cars for Volvo and Rover, public information films for the Home Office and Yorkshire Water, and created the York Story that ran for a number of years in the centre of York.

After eighteen years in London he returned to Yorkshire heading up the production arm of a York based company.

In 2001, now a full time scriptwriter for both corporate videos and computer games he moved to Scarborough where he founded a small pub based theatre company.

However his purchase of a digital camera galvanised him to take his own photographs. He took a few months out to learn Photoshop techniques, recognising the computer was a unique opportunity to mutate both image and colour, allowing him to realize his own personal artistic interpretation of the scene and after a few months taught himself.

“My aim is to create photographic images that create a sense of timelessness through manipulation of colour and tone thus allowing the viewer to choose their own interpretation of the image and its rightful place in time and location.”

In August on his 60th birthday he opened a small gallery exhibiting a selection of his unique photographs. This gallery is in an unusual location, above the public conveniences, halfway along Scarborough’s West Pier in a grade two listed building that once housed a company buying and selling fish.

For see a range of Grahams images please see his web site.

For a background to Graham and a look at his wide and varied career - www.grahamrhodes.com


  • West Pier
  • Scarborough
  • YO11 1PD