A Talking Birds performance/live art installation in the South Bay Underground Car Park.

'Wanderlust' - To build something others could build anywhere - to destroy something unique in the world - to bring a life to space.

Wanderlust is a story about a man who has been parked indefinitely in the underground car-park on the seafront. He thinks the car park might once have been the town's finest amusement arcade or maybe an exquisite Victorian Aquarium.

He welcomes unsuspecting dog walkers, and day-trippers who wander in unable to find their cars. He offers tea to those who have taken a wrong turning in the Fun House, or have strayed whilst looking for the tropical fish. And all the while his television torments him with what-ifs and might-have-beens; an alternate reality that almost certainly would have meant his one way, height restricted, not transferable, prize-every-time parking ticket out of here...

This short 20minute performance/live art installation intrigued and beguiled. Unlike anything you had ever seen before, this Talking Birds/ Create collaboration was a highlight of this years festival.

Each performance lasted approximately 20 minutes.

Artists - Talking Birds (visit their award winning Website www.talkingbirds.co.uk )

Venue - South Bay Underground Car park