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An installation by Nick Cope and Rob Mackay.

Radiance - An interactive experimental environment where light, sound and the person, respond and react to one another. Venue - The Crypt @ St Martin-on-the-Hill, St Martins

Artists' Statements

Nick Cope-Video Projections

Cinematography has long been dubbed 'painting with light'. My own work with the moving image has been informed by notions of working with light, movement in time, and ideas of using the screen as a kind of moving canvas. Since first being involved with the Festival of Light last year, the opportunity to produce a piece of work for the Festival which would draw on my own video work and which could be a celebration of light for the Festival of Light has been an attractive proposition.

Radiance has come about as a result of both the invitation by Pete Massey and Create to produce a piece of collaborative work for the Festival, and the possibility of producing a piece of work for this particular site - the Crypt of St Martin's-on-the-Hill, South Cliff, Scarborough.

Rob Mackay and I have sought to produce a piece of work which uses the character of the location and which, hopefully, respects and honours the sanctity of this Church.

The combination of films seeks to celebrate and investigate light in it's manifest forms, from the distracting and mesmerising light of the city at night, conputer graphics and fairgrounds, through the magnificence of light in nature to the meditative presence of the candle flame. The installation has been designed as a kind of maze through which the audience moves, encountering thse different manifestations of light and being drawn in from the confusing and disorientating lights in the urban realm to a more calm and contemplative inner space.

I have shot and edited all the films with the exception of the footage of Sheffield at night which was shot by Jackie Jones. The portability of digital video cameras, has enabled me to capture images from all over the world. The lightning footage was shot during a terrific mountain valley thunderstorm one night in the Pyrenees, whilst the candles were filmed in the Monastery of St John the Evangelist on the Greek island of Patmos and the butterlamps were filmed in a Buddhist Monastery in Northern India. Radience has given me the opportunity to draw all these films together and in collaboration with Rob's sound design and composition create a piece of work which is, amongst other things, inspired by the words of Joseph Campbell, which can be heard in the piece, 'The one radiance shines through all things'.


Rob Mackay - Sound design and composition

In the creation of the sound design for this installation, I have tried to produce work which mirrors the video material, in a literal way, as well as reflecting their individual mood. The audience is taken on a journey from the hustle and bustle of the work outside, through sounds of nature and eventually into the last, more reflective space in which quotes from Joseph Campbell can be heard alongside the western sounds of the choir and organ with the sounds of Tibetan monks chants.

I have used the natural acoustic properties of the space to produce a gradually evolving soundscape. With the use of soundbeam controllers, the audience themselves interact with the environment as they pass through, to add another layer to the evolving soundscape.