Peace Home Park Festival

A one day blissed-out festival of contemporary electronic dance music.

Peace breaks out in war-torn public park in Scarborough!

For decades now, Peasholm Park in Scarborough has been synonymous with war. Well, naval warfare at any rate. Every Monday and Thursday a flotilla of war ships plays out a (now nameless) naval battle, in miniature, to crowds of stunned tourists who sit and debate whether the battle ships have anyone in them or are they just remote controlled? (They do have people in them!)

However, on Sunday 18th September 2005 draft dodgers, conscripts and conscientious objectors staged a sit in to inject a little contemporary cool into Scarborough’s faux oriental Peasholm Park.

Fingathing, Hardcandy, Graymatter and Kista joined up with the drummer who left Blur a week before they signed their first major record deal, an ex-Little Angel going operatic and a raft of the UK’s finest dubtronic, chilled out, laid back and funky live acts and DJ’s. Peace Home Park was fantastic.

1000 people, blazing sun, swan boats and fine beats.

"What a blinding little festival that was. Scorching weather and bizarre setting made for what has to be the most unique festival set up in the country" Said Baron on the Big Chill forum.

The festival was a joint production by Mojo's Music Cafe, Critical Beatdown and Create. Or, Steve Dickinson, Tom Ludewig and Pete Massey.

The event was funded by Create, Scarborough Borough Council and all those lovely people who turned up and bought a ticket.

Peace Home Park didn't run in 2006 because Tom ran away to London, but, fingers crossed, it might be back one day.