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North Yorkshire Open Studios 2010

Create ran the Scarborough Borough area of the NYOS.

North Yorkshire Open Studios is literally that. Artists scattered across the region, often in remote areas, are rarely seen at work. The results are shown in galleries, but the process takes place in private. Christine Keogh (Chrysalis Arts) took the established Open Studios formula, and applied it to the huge, diverse geography of North Yorkshire, with unprecedented success.

It was launched in 2005, aimed to target and engage niche-market art buyers and promote high quality, contemporary art and craft produced in North Yorkshire by over one hundred artists and makers each year.

In 3 years, NYOS has generated over £200,000 in sales and attracted over 25,000 visitors to the region. A driver for cultural tourism, the project attracts visitors from across the North, and each year, engages more buyers from across the UK and beyond.

North Yorkshire Open Studios (NYOS) has to date been an Art Connections Project, brought to life by Chrysalis Arts.

In 2010 Create ran the Scarborough Borough area of the NYOS. We were the local contact for artists as well as running exhibitions, an artist in residence scheme and a commission.